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So What is Sick Site Syndrome?

"A combination of benign signs and symptoms that - taken together - damages a site's relationship with the search engines"

SSS is a combination of issues that can hog-tie your site. No site is perfect, and minor errors will not make a lot of difference. But taken together, these little things can add up to serious optimization damage.

  • Trying your hardest?
  • Failing to rise above the masses?
  • Visitor numbers static?
  • Google's spider not interested?
  • Took advice from a cheap SEO?


Does your site have Sick Site Syndrome?

There is no cause for celebration when an honest webmaster building a clean and honest site, cannot get listed in the search results - or rather, can get listed - but too far down to be useful.

In some cases, of course, it's fair competition. If there are 50,000 Dog Lovers' sites, not all can appear in the top ten. But every site should appear where it deserves to appear; and if your site is regularly beaten by sites you know to be inferior, it may be a matter of Sick Site Syndrome.

The point about Sick Site Syndrome, is that it really is treatable, and much of that treatment involves simple common sense; following Search Engine Guidelines, checking for broken links and so on.

But some problems do require a little bit of judgement to get right - especially when you've previously acted on a fair bit of bad advice, and the site needs a thorough Spring Clean!

Many sites are the victim of 'over-SEO'; often the result of ill-informed SEO advice. This almost invariably reversable. Damage may also be done by webmasters experimenting with high-risk SEO techniques; crossing that invisible line can lead to a partial or complete ban from serach engin listings. Again, thi is almost always revversible.


But first you need to know what the problem is!



WebSite Diagnostics

We offer a detailed report that highlights key problems with your site, delivered by email in a few days. No hidden extras.




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This is a white knight spam-free site Before committing a fortune to Search Engine Optimization, get back to basics; check for the obvious, the easy-to-fix and the avoidable. Please note, this is not a full SEO service; it's a site diagnosis. In most cases, you can make a big difference to your site, with just a working knowledge of HTML. But your site may need professional SEO.

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